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Waves Incense Holder

Waves Incense Holder

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Made from Mother Earth with our little hands!

Clay, a light weight, light coloured clay for a softer look and feel in your home.

Off white glaze with speckles for a more organic feel.

the little extras.

Organic shapes all designed to effectively catch any falling ash for a mess free burning experience.

Fountain + Waves Holders ~ Designed to fit all of our Incense Ritual Sticks.

Splice Holder ~ Designed to fit out Rolling Waves Collection.


We have teamed up with a local Australian Artisan to bring this hand crafted ceramic Incense holder to life. 

With the idea of an earthy, natural looking piece that will blend and suit all styles of homes, we hope you love it as much as we do. Our earthy holder has a neutral white glaze with brown speckles and features our Commonfolk logo on the bottom of the holder to give it our touch. 

Fits our Incense Ritual Stick perfectly.

Each and every holder is given its own time, love and creative goodness, crafted to the highest quality!!


Being hand made each holder may differ in size and appearance.. but only slightly don't worry. (We personally love this, as you will have your own unique piece)


size 28cm L x 5cm W x 3cm H

Comes as seen / unboxed/ unpackaged / Sticks sold separately.

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