Okay, what am I in for?

Your subscriptions will automatically renew, charge and ship your goodies on every successful renewal according to the selected delivery time frame selected with the first subscription purchase.

For example, If you started a monthly subscription for x1 candle to be sent our monthly, then the system will automatically charge your original payment method each month and you will have your products land on your doorstep each month, without the need to place your top up order yourself! We do all the work for you :) 


Can I pause or cancel my subscription? 

Firstly, we are sad to see you go, but never fear you can always come back :) 

Yes, you can of course pause or cancel a subscription any time after your third recurring order has successfully processed. Log into your customer account and select the 'Subscriptions' tab to make alterations.


Will my discount apply to every order cycle?

YES!!! You will receive and only pay the discount product price with every reoccurring order until the subscription has been cancelled.