The Commonfolk X Bio-degradable Packaging

PACKAGING - Most our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, and everything can be recycled and/or composted. 

For rigidity there is a very small amount of cardboard fibres in the gift box carton that are 60% recycled goods not 100%, as for rigidity and to protect the goods inside we can not wholly use recycled paper as it is just not strong enough but it is only as very small amount that is 60%, the bulk of it is 100% from recycled goods. Couriers can be a little rough with goods so we need to make sue your order is well protected.

COMPOSTING YOUR PACKAGING - Did you know you can completely compost our packaging? YAY!

1. First tear the cardboard and papers into small strips or pieces and layer in between compost fill. Best results occur when layers of foods/waste compost scraps and alternately layered with the cardboard/paper. 

2. If you box has our Bio-Degradable Packing beans you can throw them straight into the compost also. Or the packing beans just dissolve in water in seconds and you can pour them on your garden.

our candles 

our candles made with australian made, renewable natural, creamy pure soy + coconut wax

our candles have no nasty chemicals or toxins.

our candles are made with custom australian made fine fragrance oils and enriched with essential oils.

our candles are created and lovingly poured on the mornington peninsula, australia.

our soul candles have 80-100 hours of burn time  

we use natural non toxic wicks.

our gift boxes can be recycled

our shipping packaging is made from 70-100% recycled materials.

our soul candle jars are a custom made elegant jar with the intent to be re-purposed after candle use. 

we love reusing our jars in the bathroom for cotton buds and hair ties, in our workspace for pens or stacked with mints for work meetings, and we fill them with teabags in the kitchen..............the list goes on.

show us how you re-use yours and tag us #commonfolkjar 

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